EOD Level II

Competencies acquired after successful completion of an EOD II course at EOD Academy (Annex to the Certificate).

After a successful completion of EOD level II course the holder of this Certificate possesses EOD qualification level II in accordance with IMAS 09. 30 and following capabilities:

  • Detailed knowledge of Land Service Ammunition (LSA) and their relative fusing systems (thrown: hand grenades, riffle grenades; projected: mortars, projectiles, small ammunition, rockets; placed: AP and AT Landmines, dropped: submunition) and Safety Considerations associated with those types of ammunition,
  • Awareness of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Booby Traps (BT),
  • Knowledge about principles of functioning of explosives and explosive trains and Safety Considerations associated with explosives,
  • Ability to manage BAC and humanitarian demining teams,
  • Competency in assisting in execution of Low Order and Render Safe Procedures,
  • Competency in assisting in incident/accident investigation,
  • Basic Life Savior/First Aid skills and ability to develop appropriate evacuation plans and procedures,
  • Basic knowledge about requirements for safe storage and transportation of explosives,
  • Know-how in identification, use and maintenance of appropriate search/marking tools and equipment for humanitarian demining and battle area clearance procedures, their capabilities, limitations and acceptable limits of deviation,
  • Understanding of the role of Quality Assurance,
  • Ability to identify information requirements, appropriate sources of information, interpret relevant technical information and provide advice on EOD-related matters within their own area of expertise,
  • Skills for determining whether, when and how to move EO, when appropriate, to develop and implement effective EO movement plan,
  • Ability to implement appropriate protective measures,
  • Capacity in providing appropriate advice and develop efficient and effective plan for the remediation of cleared areas,
  • Knowledge about recording and reporting procedures in all stages of BAC, location and general disposition of EO, including final disposal of EO and remediation measures,
  • Competence in providing adequate post activity reports.

On request

15 Days

3750,00 € plus VAT, including teaching material, document fee, and catering services (coffee break I, lunch, coffee break II).


Certification EOD Academy


The language of instruction is english.
Competences can be adapted as desired.
Two weeks of the 3-week training are held at the company’s location in Langenpreising.