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Selected courses

  • Micha Karmann
  • Posted by Micha Karmann
5. April 2024

With successful participation in the basic course “Technical Supervisory Staff in Explosive Ordnance Disposal,” the students will acquire the certified expertise to carry out the following activities: Searching for, excavating, and recovery of explosive remnants of war (ERW) Storage and transport of explosive ordnance within the business premises Transportation, transferring...

  • Micha Karmann
  • Posted by Micha Karmann
5. April 2024

Knowledge and skills of detecting, excavating, and basic identification of ERW in ERW clearance operations A large number of various detectors from different manufacturers are available at our training facility, including a physical 3D training platform, allowing our students both theoretical studies and hands-on experience at the same time Legal...

  • Micha Karmann
  • Posted by Micha Karmann
5. April 2024

Acquisition of subject matter expertise in accordance with § 20 SprengG (German law) for acquisition, moving, storage, transportation, and the transfer of custody of explosive substances within the business premises. Personal handling of explosives Explosives law Storage OSH Criminal and administrative law as well as civil law Interface with dangerous...


AOTM is short for Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials. Those are 3D-printed versions of either original ammunition or fuze types or of certain standard fuze principles, containing moving parts to show the mechanical or electronic actions inside a fuze or item of ordnance during arming and activation.

We are utilizing AOTM to allow students a much better understanding of the inner mechanics of explosive ordnance through physical action.

EOD sample collection

Our EOD sample collection currently consists of more than 2000 items of fuzes and ammunition, ranging from landmines over projectiles, bombs and grenades to submunitions and accessories.
The collection is open to students, subject-matter experts and to the interested public.

Visits can be arranged upon request.

Training area

The training facilities feature outdoor training areas of several hectares, including buildings and structures for training, right outside the lecture rooms.

We are using it for presentations and training experiences in a realistic environment.

Quotes from our participants

“My experience of my course for technical supervisory personnel in explosive ordnance disposal in accordance with Section 20 of the Explosives Act at the EOD Academy was thoroughly positive: from the perfectly prepared teaching material and competent and experienced lecturers, to a wide range of illustrative material from practice, to good accommodation and delicious food. Thanks to the detailed documentation, I can look up missing details or delve deeper into individual topics if necessary.”

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“Nine weeks of condensed information is a challenge that could be positively overcome with the help of the competent teachers and the well thought-out concept of the EOD Academy.
I particularly benefited from the lecturers’ extensive practical knowledge.
That is why the EOD Academy is THE training partner for me and our employees in the field of ammunition recovery.”


“Thank you for the smooth and professional implementation.
It’s great that there is now such a training center in southern Germany.”


“Flash to bang to tears of happiness and loss would briefly sum the course up. The family feel trainingenvironment is truly unique and is felt from all levels of the training team.
The EOD Academy is a well regarded training establishment which delivers beyond expectation.
Course design, delivery, instructor knowledge and professionalism, course support, training aids and environment are excellent. I never obtained just a qualification from the EOD academy but made friends for life. I fully intend to visit the school again for professional development or just for a cup of tea. I will never forget you.”


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