Searching for ERW/explosive ordnance clearance workers

Introductory course

  • Knowledge and skills of detecting, excavating, and basic identification of ERW in ERW clearance operations
  • A large number of various detectors from different manufacturers are available at our training facility, including a physical 3D training platform, allowing our students both theoretical studies and hands-on experience at the same time
  • Legal basics (disposal of explosive ordnance, explosives law, dangerous-goods law, safety rules)
  • Technical and organizational basics (basics of blasting and ammunition technology, detection devices and – technology, organization and implementation of ERW clearance operations)
  • Ammunition technology (land-service ammunition and air-delivered bombs)
  • Examination (written and practical)

08. April – 26. April 2024
02. September – 20. September 2024

15 days / 8 hrs each

3.350,00 € plus VAT.
ncluding teaching material and catering services (coffee break I, lunch, coffee break II).
We accept education vouchers. Please get in touch for further information.

Specific admittance rules
  • Personal suitability according to §8b SprengG
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Proof of at least 12 months of practical work in the field of ERWC under the supervision of senior technical supervisor

Certificate of successful participation in a state-approved course in accordance with the German explosive law.