Translators, language assistants, field assistants, journalists & more

EOD Translator

With this course, we are enabling successful course participants to significantly improve their performance whilst working as translators, language assistants, field assistants, journalists or other personnel in an environment related to explosive ordnance.

Upon successful completion of the EOD Translator course, participants who pass the course will have an improved technical understanding of the language, technical phrases and their specific meaning used in situations related to explosive ordnance. As such, they will be able to translate more efficiently and technically precise during instructions conducted by non-native speakers. The technical language level is based on IMAS EOD level III.

Please note: This course does not qualify to conduct any EOD operations!

  • The course is a classroom course with a high level of practical elements and hands-on experience.
  • There are no pre-requisites for attending this course. However, course participants require a sound level of English language skills and a basic level of technical understanding.
  • Course participants will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course, following a verbal examination, consisting of the life translation of a technical EOD classroom or outdoor presentation.

Courses will take place either the companies’ headquarters near Munich, Bavaria or at the training range near Meissen, Saxony, utilizing the companies’ own training facilities. At either location, students will be accommodated in a mid-range hotel and will be provided with breakfast, lunch, coffee break and refreshments on site. Daily transport between the hotel and respective training locations will be provided. Airport- or Train Station Pick up and drop off are provided as well.

On request

5 Days / 10 hrs each

On request


Course participants will receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.
The certificate will list the name of the participant, the date and course duration and a brief description of the course subjects.


Both versions of the course were designed for non-technical staff. Completing the course does not qualify the participants to work as operators, either as a deminer or an EOD-specialist. Should participants wish to qualify further, and improve their expertise, we can offer the respective, IMAS based, courses.