For technical supervisory staff in explosive ordnance disposal according to §20 SprengG (Germany)

Basic course with bilingual lessons and german examination

With successful participation in the basic course “Technical Supervisory Staff in Explosive Ordnance Disposal,” the students will acquire the certified expertise to carry out the following activities:

  • Searching for, excavating, and recovery of explosive remnants of war.
  • Storage and transport of explosive ordnance within the business premises.
  • Transportation, transferring and receiving explosive ordnance.
  • Transfer of custody of explosive ordnance to others.
  • Legal basics.
  • Ammunition technology.
  • Surveying and detection technology.

Please note: The course does not lead to acquiring the certified expertise to:

  • Process and destroy small arms ammunition, explosive ordnance (stockpiled), and recovered explosive ordnance (unexploded or abandoned ordnance).
  • Recover explosive substances from small arms ammunition and explosive ordnance.
  • Carry out blasting work and handling pyrotechnic charges and pyrotechnic objects in Germany.
  • Please note: Different rules may apply in other countries.

On request

45 days/ 8 hrs each + 2 additional weeks of preparation

Upon request plus VAT, Costs incl. teaching material, examination, and document fee as well as catering services (coffee break I, lunch, coffee break II) We accept education vouchers; please get in touch for further information.

Specific admittance rules

Participants must be:

  • Over 21 years old.
  • Hold a personal security clearance certificate according to §34 of the 1st SprengV (German Law).

» Additional special admission requirements (PDF)


Certificate of participation in government certified courses according to § 32 1. SprengV (Germany) after the successful practical, written and oral examination to obtain a permit according to § 20 / or a permission according to § 7 SprengG (Germany).


Certification according to AZAV (Accreditation and Approval Ordinance for Employment Promotion).
Please use this form to provide evidence of the required practical activity as an assistant in the respective areas of responsibility of ERWC.