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Eveline Zwehn

My vision is to create a safe living space for everyone, regardless of their origin, which is free from any kind of explosive ordnance. This vision motivated me to found the EOD Academy. For me, quality, professionalism and uniform standards are basic requirements for solid training in explosive ordnance disposal. To achieve these goals, we use state of the art products, such as sophisticated training aids like AOTM, virtual reality and latest detection technologies.


Günter Bochmann
Lecturer / head of academy

– 1983 training as ammunition technical officer (ATO, german: Feuerwerker) in the East German Air Force (NVA)

– 1995 training as ATO in the West German Air Force (BW)

– 2001 training as a technical supervisor in accordance with Section 20 of the German Explosives Act

– Since 2003 active as senior supervisor on different EOD-clearance sites

– 2018  Günter joined the team at EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH

– Since 2019 training manager at the EOD Academy (national)

Sebastian Dornblut

Dipl.Ing (FH)


Vocational training as a surveying technician in the office for the construction of new waterways in Berlin

Studies at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, study course surveying

Department of civil engineering and geographic information



Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

EOD-Certificate according to § 20 SprengG

Project engineer in explosive ordnance clearance operations


Main areas of activity

Planning and monitoring of explosive ordnance clearance operations

Basic surveying for buildings, engineering structures

and traffic facilities

Design survey / construction survey

Aerial photo calculations / photogrammetry

DGM calculations

Billing documentation

Dr. jur. Florian Englert

Specialist attorney for constructional and architectural law

Specialist attorney for criminal law



study of law

Doctorate Dr. iur. At the Humboldt University of Berlin

Appointed lecturer for criminal law in constructions, building site risks and construction guarantees at the Academy of Biberach University

Degree: Admission to the bar by the Munich Bar Association – Dr. iur. Specialist attorney



Laws pertaining to explosive ordnance

Civil engineering law

Support for major projects (tunnel construction, pipeline construction, etc.)

BGB and VOB contract law

Architect law

Co-editor of the online trade journal confront,

doctorate at the Law Faculty of the Humboldt University in Berlin on the problem of ordnance in construction work (Prof. Dr. iur. Rainer Schröder +).

Member of the Tax & Legal Excellence network. Member of the ATV DIN 18323 standards committee “ordnance clearance”

Jürgen Wölk

  • 1992 training as ATO (Feuerwerker) in the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr)
  • 1994 Acquisition of additional ammunition expertise Eastern Block Ordnance (Bundeswehr)
  • 1996 Training EOD (German Armed Forces)
  • 1997 Training IEDD (German Armed Forces)
  • 2002 Certification of skill set according to Section 20 of the German Explosives Act
  • 2010 Acquisition of specialist knowledge in the disposal of chemical ammunition (German Armed Forces)
  • 2010 Radiation protection course, simple qualification (German Armed Forces)
  • 2010 X-ray course, non-medical X-ray (German Armed Forces)
  • 2012 Certification of advanced technical knowledge in the armed forces (German Armed Forces)
  • Lecturer at EOD Academy (national) since 2019


Ursula Rieger
Planning and Organisation / Social Media


Maintaining peace needs active support.

There is a need to visualize and educate the public about the hazards of explosive ordnance. Utilizing social media, I see the opportunity to make the public aware of this as yet unknown topic quickly and informatively. Not least because of this, I see it as my task to shed some light on this very important profession.

Dirk Wiesenberg
Data Protection officer


I have been a TÜV SÜD certified data protection officer since 2018 and support the EOD Academy in all matters relating to data protection.

EOD Academy