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Managing director

Eveline Zwehn


My vision is to create a safe living space for everyone, regardless of their origin, which is free from any kind of explosive ordnance. This vision motivated me to found the EOD Academy. For me, quality, professionalism and uniform standards are basic requirements for solid training in explosive ordnance disposal. To achieve these goals, we use state of the art products, such as sophisticated training aids like AOTM, virtual reality and latest detection technologies.


Ursula Rieger
Planning and Organisation / Social Media



Maintaining peace needs active support.

There is a need to visualize and educate the public about the hazards of explosive ordnance. Utilizing social media, I see the opportunity to make the public aware of this as yet unknown topic quickly and informatively. Not least because of this, I see it as my task to shed some light on this very important profession.

EOD Academy