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F.1 Living and working abroad with the hazards from explosive remnants of war (ERW)

Course contents

This course focuses on staff working in projects in countries where there is an ERW problem. During the course, participants will cover the basics to comprehend hazards, challenges and possible solutions whilst being exposed to the ERW problem. After the course, Participants will gain a better understanding of the inner workings of “mine action” in any given country, thus being able to better understand and cooperate with mine action operators, governmental agencies, etc; subsequently increasing the efficiency of the organisation working in a post-conflict environment.

The course is being offered in both a mixed and a women-specific variant.

The latter will be an all-female course, including instructors (male role-players or co-instructors may be present for specific topics at rare occasions). Here, we will specifically focus on women being exposed to a profession that is still traditionally male-dominated. We will demystify what is sometimes being perceived as “black magic” by the uninformed outsider. We will be providing a safe training and learning environment, with enough room to develop skills.

The following topics will be covered:



– Basics of international ERW clearance operations

– Interactions with ERW clearance in aid projects in post conflict countries

– Basic theory and effects of explosives

– Different methods to execute ERW clearance operations and respective equipment required

– Basics of ammunition- and fuze-technology

– Safe behavior in mine- or ERW-suspected areas



– Effects of explosions

– Practical demonstrations of different methods to detect, clear and dispose of ERW

– Recognition of dangerous situations (in an ERW environment)

– Practical exercises for safe behavior in different operational scenarios, incl self protection


Both versions of the course were designed for non-technical staff. Completing the course does not qualify the participants to work as operators, either as a deminer or an EOD-specialist. Should participants wish to qualify further, and improve their expertise, we can offer the respective, IMAS based, courses.



Upon request!


5 days / 8 hrs each


1650,00 €, excl. 19% VAT, incl airport transfer (from Munich), Icebreaker coffee breaks, snacks, fruits, cake, lunch, eclusive kit bag
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