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E.2 Training
EOD Level II

Course contents

Competencies acquired after successful completion of an EOD II course at EOD Academy (Annex to the Certificate).

After a successful completion of EOD II course the holder of this Certificate
possesses EOD qualification level II in accordance with IMAS 09. 30 and
following capabilities:

  • Detailed knowledge of Land Service Ammunition (LSA) and their relative
    fusing systems (thrown: hand grenades, riffle grenades; projected: mortars,
    projectiles, small ammunition, rockets; placed: AP and AT Landmines,
    dropped: submunition) and Safety Considerations associated with those
    types of ammunition,
  • Awareness of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and Booby Traps (BT),
  • Knowledge about principles of functioning of explosives and explosive trains and Safety Considerations associated with explosives,
  • Ability to manage BAC and humanitarian demining teams,
  • Competency in assisting in execution of Low Order and Render Safe Procedures,
  • Competency in assisting in incident/accident investigation,
  • Basic Life Savior/First Aid skills and ability to develop appropriate evacuation plans and procedures,
  • Basic knowledge about requirements for safe storage and transportation of explosives,
  • Know-how in identification, use and maintenance of appropriate search/marking tools and equipment for humanitarian demining and battle area clearance procedures, their capabilities, limitations and acceptable limits of deviation,
  • Understanding of the role of Quality Assurance,
  • Ability to identify information requirements, appropriate sources of information, interpret relevant technical information and provide advice on EOD-related matters within their own area of expertise,
  • Skills for determining whether, when and how to move EO, when appropriate, to develop and implement effective EO movement plan,
  • Ability to implement appropriate protective measures,
  • Capacity in providing appropriate advice and develop efficient and effective plan for the remediation of cleared areas,
  • Knowledge about recording and reporting procedures in all stages of BAC, location and general disposition of EO, including final disposal of EO and remediation measures,
  • Competence in providing adequate post activity reports.

Specific admittance rules


1. The language of instruction is english
2. Competences can be adapted as desired
3. Two weeks of the 3-week training are held at the company's location in Langenpreising.



Please call us for your individual appointment.


15 Days


3750.00 € plus VAT, including teaching material, document fee, and catering services (coffee break I, lunch, coffee break II).
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