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B.1 Basic training for dog handlers

Personnel with explosive detection dogs and security personnel in the context of test-and control measures

Course contents

  • Acquisition of subject matter expertise in accordance with § 20 SprengG (German law) for acquisition, moving, storage, transportation, and the transfer of custody of explosive substances within the business premises. Personal handling of explosives.
  • Explosives law.
  • Storage.
  • OSH.
  • Criminal and administrative law as well as civil law.
  • Interface with dangerous goods law.
  • Basics of explosive substances.
  • Actions to increase security.
  • Effects of small amounts of explosive substances.
  • Written exams.

Specific admittance rules

  • Personal security clearance certificate.


Certificate of attendance from the EOD Academy, awarded by the trade supervisory authority in Munich after successfully passing the theoretical examination to obtain a permit according to § 20 SprengG (German law).


Generally, to become fully operational in your respective function, you must prove to have attended the "Transport of Exempted Quantities" course, in accordance with Article 1.3 of ADR. This briefing is normally offered after this course (please book separately).



03. April - 04. April 2023


14 hrs


595.00 € plus VAT, including teaching material and catering services (coffee break I, lunch, coffee break II).
EOD Academy