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EOD Academy

  • EOD Academy is the training department of EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH, a medium-sized, women-owned company founded in 2004; the sole managing director is Ms. Eveline Zwehn.
  • – EMC Kampfmittelbeseitigungs GmbH offers the complete range of classic explosive ordnance clearance techniques, such as detection, recovery and disposal of explosive ordnance, utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The company’s main activities are currently in southern Germany (serving public and private clients including the US military. EMC’s activities include other European countries such as Austria, Belgium and Italy as well. Outside of Europe, EMC has operational experiences in Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine.
  • The company employs German and international specialists who are certified in accordance with the German legislation and who are qualified according to IMAS EOD levels I-III
  • A large part of the staff has military and international operational experience (e.g. Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, etc.) as well as various foreign language skills.
  • These specialists form the core of our team of instructors. If required, specific subject-matter expertise can be provided from our pool of subject-matter consultants.
  • Courses are held at the company’s headquarters in Bavaria. Upon request, our “mobile training” can be conducted at the client’s preferred location.

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AOTM and VR-Goggles

AOTM is short for Advanced Ordnance Teaching Materials. Those are 3D-printed versions of either original ammunition or fuze types or of certain standard fuze principles, containing moving parts to show the mechanical or electronic actions inside a fuze or item of ordnance during arming and activation.

We are utilizing AOTM to allow students a much better understanding of the inner mechanics of explosive ordnance through physical action.

In future, we will enhance our training experience with virtual and augmented reality elements. To do this, we are closely cooperating with the Technical University Munich.

The EOD sample collection

Our EOD sample collection currently consists of more than 1500 items of fuzes and ammunition, ranging from landmines over projectiles, bombs and grenades to submunitions and accessories. The collection is open to students, subject-matter experts and to the interested public (visits can be arranged upon request)

Outdoor training area

The training facility features an outdoor training area of about 1000sqm, right outside the lecture rooms. We are using it for presentations and training experiences in a realistic environment.

EOD Academy